How To Print a List of Organisations Working in a Region

The Organisation Activity Mapping allows a user to interact with the data to understand who is working within a specific region and what they are doing. Clicking on the coloured regions of the map at any time will generate a table at the bottom of the screen which will show all the Organisations that are operating in that region. If an activity filter is active then the data will only be shown for that activity.

Step 1: Click a region of the map which is shaded blue (Image 1).


Image 1: The table shown as a result of clicking the Namwala region.


Step 2: To print the table click the 'Printable Version' button (Image 2) which will bring up a new window which will allow you to print very easily (Image 3).

Image 2: The 'Printable Version' button.

Image 3: A printable version 

Step 3: Using your browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) print the table.

Step 4 (Optional): If you want to see more details about any organisation contained in the table you can click on the organisation's name and more details will appear (Image 4).

Image 4: Click on an organisation's name to see more details.

Organisation Activity Mapping allows you to understand the geographic response to HIV and AIDS in Zambia. This tool maps the activities which are being performed by Organisations at either a National, Provincial or District view and will help highlight where there is an under supply of services or where services are being over supplied and may benefit from being redistributed.

How To Access Organisation Activity Mapping

Step 1: Select the Organisation Activity Mapping option from the Reporting menu (Image 1). Please note that you do not need to be logged in to access this data.

Image 1: The Organisation Activity Mapping menu option.

Step 2: Select the Thematic Area and Activity (mandatory) and region filters (optional) for the data you wish to view (Image 2) then click GO.

Image 2: The filter options.

How To Copy the Charts into Microsoft Word

Step 1: Right click the map and select 'Copy Image' option. This will differ between Microsoft Internet Explorer (Image 3), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (Image 4).

Image 3: The Microsoft Internet Explorer browser's Copy Image option.

Image 4: The Google Chrome browser's Copy Image option.

Step 2: Switch to Microsoft Word and click in the document where you wish the image to be placed. From the Paste option select Paste Special (Image 5).

Image 5: The Paste Special option within Microsoft Word.

Step 3: Once the Paste Special options come up select the Device Independent Bitmap and click OK (Image 6).

Image 6: Select the Device Independent Bitmap option and click OK.

The image should now appear in your document (Image 7).

Image 7: The Organisational Activity Mapping image embedded in the Microsoft Word document.